JenLab VerticalAge is a software for analyzing vertical skin images from the multiphoton tomograph MPTflex.


Automatic determination of the following properties:
The location of the skin surface
The width of the stratum corneum
The width of the epidermis (Minimal, mean and maximal epidermis width)
Depth scale of the skin
SAAID value in a specified depth under the skin surface
Average photon counts per pixel in SAAID calculation depth for the AF and the SHG signal
Analyzation of several vertical skin images simultaneously with statistical evaluation (mean, standard deviation and range) of the skin properties.
Export of the images (including image properties)
Export of the obtained data in an Excel compatible csv-file.
Adjustable depth enhancement of the images to compensate scattering of the excitation light.


MPTflex including xyz-stage from JenLab GmbH

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