The novel moveable multiphoton tomograph is based on an ultracompact chiller-free femtosecond fiber laser located in the 360° measurement head for two-photon autofluorescence AF, SHG, FLIM, and reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM).


The flexible tomograph with its 360° measurement can be used for tissue imaging as well as for material analysis. It operates at a near infrared wavelength of 780 nm. Applications include the tracking of fluorescent proteins in transgenic animals and the fast measurement of skin and other tissues.


Technical data

• compact chiller-free femtosecond fiber laser
• pulse width: <90 fs
• repetition frequency: 80 MHz
• in situ laser power: 2-50 mW
• wavelength: 780 nm
• full-frame scanning, region-of-interest (ROI) scanning, line scanning, single-point illumination (spot scan)
• scan range: max. 350 μm x 350 μm (horizontal); 200 μm (vertical)
• spatial resolution: < 0.5 μm (horizontal); < 2 μm (vertical)
• focusing optics: magnification 40x NA 1.3
• control and image processing software (JenLab Scan, JenLab Image)
• operating temperature 17-25°C
• relative humidity: 20-65 %
• power requirements: 230 VAC (50 Hz)
• system dimensions: 750 mm x 900 mm x 1600 mm
• weight: 123 kg


König et al. Multimodal multiphoton tomograph using a compact femtosecond fiber laser. Proc. of SPIE 108821A (2019)

König et al. Clinical multimodal multiphoton tomography of pigmented skin lesions with an ultracompact femtosecond fiber laser.                           Proc. of SPIE 11211E (2020)

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