Clinical Studies

JenLab offers services for cosmetical as well as clinical studies. For this purpose, we are working in very close cooperation with dermatologists and the ethics commission. All examinations are performed under constant measurement conditions in air and humidity conditioned rooms. Contract-based clinical MPT studies can be conducted in a variety of hospitals, e.g. in California (Beckman Laser Institute and Medical Clinic at the University of California Irvine) and Germany (e.g. Charite, Dermatology, Berlin & Waldklinikum Gera, Dermatology). Several measurement modalities are possible:

  • Multiphoton- Imaging and CARS- Imaging (Coherent Anti Stokes Raman Spectroscopy)
  • Skin hydration measurements
  • Sebum measurements
  • Melanin and erythema measurements
  • Trans epidermal water loss measurements
  • Viscoelasticity measurements
  • Electrical impedance spectroscopy

Included in the service for cosmetical and clinical studies includes:

  • Preparation of the study protocol, measurement protocols and case report forms
  • Volunteer recruitment (several age groups, female or male, different skin types)
  • Submission of documents for the ethics commission in cooperation with a dermatologist
  • Volunteer information in cooperation with a dermatologist
  • Triple blinded tests (volunteer, operator, data analyst)
  • Constant measurement conditions in an air and humidity conditioned room (temperature 21+/-1°C and 45+/-5% relative humidity)
  • Calibrated measuring sensors:
    • Cutometer (viscoelasticity of skin)
    • Corneometer (skin moisture level)
    • Sebumeter (sebum content)
    • Mexameter (melanin content)
    • Colorimeter (skin color)
    • Tewameter (transepidermal water loss)
  • Constant image acquisition parameters for MPT (acquisition time / frame, optical power, zoom, …)
  • Time interval accuracy (t28 or t56 measurements + / - 1day)
  • On-site staff for the measurements, strictly adhere to the measurement protocol
  • Several test sites possible (face, arm, …), non-treated site as control, placebo, test product

Data analysis:

  • Data analysis of the Single Photon Counting (SPC) images (metabolism)
  • SHG-to-AF aging index of dermis (SAAID) calculation
  • FLIM- data analysis
  • Thickness measurements of epidermis and / or vital epidermis
  • Quantification of morphological structures
  • H0 hypothesis with t-test and significance analysis of the data
  • Redundancy of image acquisition

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