JenLab at BIOS-SPIE 2018, San Francisco

Our MPTflex was presented at the SPIE BIOS 2018 in San Francisco. Visitors could do measurements on site and could see our Multiphoton Tomograph in action. CEO Prof. Dr. Karsten Koenig caused enthusiasm to a large audience with his talk about "State-of-the-art clinical multimodal multi photon / CARS / FLIM tomography of human skin". With 2,400 papers and presentations, SPIE BiOS 2018 is the most important biomedical optics conference you can attend in 2018. Topics include biomedical optics, diagnostics and therapeutics, biophotonics, new imaging modalities, optical coherence tomography, neurophotonics, optogenetics, tissue optics, and nano/biophotonics.

JenLab sponsored the 15th Annual Advanced Imaging Methods Workshop 2018 in Berkeley, CA

JenLab was one of the sponsors of the 15th Annual Advanced Imaging Workshop in Berkeley from January 24 - 26, 2018. Our MPTflex was presented to do measurements on site and to see our Multiphoton Tomograph in action. The Annual Advanced Imaging Workshop is one of the largest light microscopy conferences on the west coast, USA. Started in 2003 to introduce biological researchers to the possibility of time-resolved fluorescence imaging, AIM now includes sessions on many cutting-edge techniques and their applications in biology and medicine. Topics included fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM), adaptive optics, super resolution, lightsheet microscopy, computational imaging, optogenetics, and biological probe development.