Targeted transfection by sub-20 femtosecond laser pulses

The femtOgene is a powerful tool for:

• Gene therapy
• Stem cell manipulation
• Optical nanoinjection of macromolecules
• Optical knock-out of cellular organelles
• Intracellular chromosome dissection
• High resolution Imaging

Transfection with femtosecond laser pulses is covered by our patents:
DE 10223992 A1; DE 10223921; PCT/DE03/01708; CN 1653185 A1; DE 10162176 A1.

Latest NEWS:

"Neues Lasermikroskop ermöglicht schonenden Gentransfer" (german)

"Lasermikroskop für die Stammzellforschung" (german)

"Compact laser microscope for targeted transfection by JenLab"(english)

Summary in Adobe PDF format (click here, 1,4 MB)

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